Amazing Tips to Create a Magical Christmas Light Display in Your Garden

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Rick Kimpel

Christmas is arguably the most significant celebration in the western world today. It adds billions to the economies of many countries, and it is a time when people come together with an attitude of peace and goodwill.

People enjoy displaying their love of Christmas by lighting up their homes for the festive period. It is fantastic when groups of people get together and turn their street into a magical winter wonderland that makes children gasp. Many such places collect money for charity and improve their display every year.

If you wish to cheer up your neighborhood this year, here are some amazing tips to create a magical Christmas light display in your garden.

Emphasize Features

You must first address the exterior of your home. There are many things you can do to the building but in my opinion there are a few principles to which you must adhere.

  • Use lights to illuminate all of the fascia boards, even on the gable ends. Be careful with that part, it can be dangerous if you overstretch when working at height. Some companies who install Christmas lights in Tulsa will use cherry pickers or scaffolding to reach the apex of the roof in safety. You can hire one for the day if you don’t like working on ladders.
  • Use lights to emphasize the windows too. The house must look like a beautiful grotto, so all of the main features must be visible.
  • The front door is a vital part of the scheme. Illuminate the frame and place features on either side of it if you have room.


People do not always agree on the color of the lighting scheme. There are some who will buy lights and features that contain multicolored bulbs and enjoy the mix of shades. I think that makes the garden look a little too much like a fairground. Many people prefer to see a single color theme running throughout the design. White is always a Christmas favorite, but cream and blue are appearing in more homes these days.


Try to introduce some movement in your garden this year. There are thousands of decorations from which to choose. They add extra interest to your design and put a smile on the faces of your guests. You might decide to install a reindeer that moves its head or a Santa that drops down the chimney. The choice is yours.


If you have trees in your garden they are perfect for illumination. Light ropes look fantastic when you run them through the branches. Don’t forget to add many illuminated Christmas trees in your design too; you can never have enough.


It is best that you consult a qualified electrician to ensure that the installation will be safe. I advise you to use low voltage lighting outdoors, so there is likely to be a large number of transformers to feed. You might need to install extra sockets to use over the festive season.

Decorate your garden at Christmas; it is one of the most enjoyable and addictive projects to undertake. If you start now, think of how impressive your home will be in ten years time, as your collection grows. Your home could be a source of delight for many years to come.


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