Journey To The Mystical Land of Turkey

Journey to the Mystical Land of Turkey

In the focal point of what is currently Turkey, in the locale of The Mystical Land, is the shocking common miracle of The Mystical Land. Many individuals travel here every year to see the pixie chimney stacks – the slight, towering mainstays of shakes that project from the high level. Occupied for many years, prior civilizations in the area incorporated their homes right with the side of the bluffs and rock towers in a manner that is astounding to see. Thusly Journey to the Mystical Land of Turkey with a stream of individuals in these radiant spots is of incredible experience.


Touching base to Istanbul airfield as indicated by the flight plan. After the international ID and visa work at the landing strip, we’ll reach you in the runway and board our extravagance transport to go to our beguiling lodging in Aya Sophia area for our FIRST night in Istanbul. We’ll unwind and rest before we leave for a flawless supper at a real Istanbul restaurant. There will additionally be a lot of time to walk around Aya Sophia and the Sultanahmet locale both toward the evening and after supper. We’ll use the night in an advantageously placed little yet extremely enchanting lodging.


In the morning we will start our voyage by venturing out to Safranbolu, a thirteenth Century Turkish-Greek town. This is proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNICEF since it is an one of a kind urban settlement with extremely just structural planning goals. Here we’ll walk thru the cobblestone boulevards throughout the dusk and appreciate the Turkish Bath “Hamam” encounter in a thirteenth century bathhouse. We’ll be staying at an old Prince’s home and have a gorgeous supper in the lovely yard.


After a four to five hour drive through the beautiful Anatolian level to touch base at the one of the regular miracles of the world: Cappadocia. On the way, we’ll stop in the town of Hacibektash, the town where the organizer of the Bektashi request of dervishes; Hadji Bektas-i Veli existed throughout the time of Rumi and created a heterodox ancestry of Sufism which is known as a standout amongst the most tolerant and libertarian orders in the Sufi world. We’ll use 3 full days in Cappadocia investigating the recondite and magical lunar scene and rock cut early Christian temples going once again to the seventh to thirteenth Century AD all around the Valley. We’ll tour the astonishing underground urban communities and temples, and experience the life of these novel individuals from one thousand five hundred years prior.


We will travel through the wonderful Toros mountains, much the same as the Crusaders did a few times in 12 and thirteenth hundreds of years. Here we will visit Mersin, Latif’s main residence and eat with his family so you can encounter a true customary Turkish urban crew. From that point we’ll go to Kizkalesi and appreciate the sun, history and shores and we’ll stay at a beachside resort. This is the ideal time to go into the Mediterranean Sea and swim to the mid-ocean stronghold from the time of the Templars.


From Konya, our trip will take us through the mountains and valleys and we’ll touch base at a little lakeside town of Egirdir. This is a wonderful town focused around a thin landmass on the lake. Walking around the shores of the lake and envisioning the old life style that existed here numerous hundreds years back will be a paramount experience. To enjoy the Journey to the Mystical Land of Turkey people should pack their suitcase and apply for a Turkey Visa.


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