Six Fantastic Uses for Mosaic Tiles

It’s amazing how small glass square pieces can inject so much color and texture.  They don’t look much at first but once installed, they come into full vigor, dispersing color and light. Because glass square mosaic tiles can endow small areas with character, it is no wonder that they are the preferred material for kitchen backsplashes or tub and shower surrounds.

Glass tile mosaics are versatile however and though they look most at home in the kitchen or the bathroom, its shape, size, and color allows it for other applications.

Accent wall. Follow the steps of our classical ancestors and use the small square pieces to create an illustration. It may not necessarily be taken from Ancient Greece or Rome, but an accent wall can dramatically change the look and tone of a room.

Accents. Borders or accents are fantastic ways to incorporate glass mosaic tiles while not going over budget. This is another one of the tile’s stronger points, it does not need a full stretch of wall to astound and impress.

Flooring. Despite its seemingly fragile qualities, some glass tile mosaics can actually be used as flooring. For such use, ask the seller or the shop for glass mosaics that fit the standards against slippage and foot traffic.

Fireplace surround. Add further brilliance and sparkle by tiling a fireplace surround with glass mosaics. Don’t fret about the temperature breaking the glass. These tiles are very resistant to heat and can handle the heat of a fireplace.

Refurbish old furniture. With refurbishing and upcycling gaining much attention, bring old furniture back to life with glass mosaic tiles. This is particularly useful for old tables.  A new coat of paint or lacquer might work but give it a complete turnaround with a shimmering sheet of colorful glass mosaics.

Arts and Crafts. Inspired by wall mosaics, try something small and create lovely wall art with glass mosaics. Similarly, go art deco and use translucent or colored glass mosaics to frame mirrors. For the artisan, leftover tiles can also be used for making pendants, coasters, and even fridge magnets.

There’s a whole world to discover and explore with glass tiles. Let the creativity flow and think of other ways to work with glass mosaics.


Roberta Madison heads the marketing department at Glass Tile Store, which is known for its high quality glass tiles, stone tiles, subway tiles, metal tiles and exotic tiles. You can follow Roberta Madison on G+.

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