Lake Crescent Lodge, Washington

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While on an motorcycle trip this summer we wanted to revisit a couple of Washington Lodges we’d only seen in the pouring rain on a previous cycle trip.  The Olympic Peninsula is especially beautiful when the sun is shining, and this day more than redeemed the wet and cold of our first attempt.  Located in Washington state in the Pacific Northwest, the Lodge is in close proximity to Seattle and Vancouver, Canada.  If you want to know how to get there check out this link to Lake Crescent Lodge. CyclesPacked   After just having experienced the beauty of the busy city of Victoria, BC on the way to The Butchart Gardens, it was wonderful to be riding on the mostly solitary roads winding through woods and mountains, lakes and rivers. LkCres1 LkCres2   Greeted by the Lodge welcome sign, I remembered the last time I was here, waterlogged and looking for something hot to drink. What a welcome sight. LkCrescent


LkCrescentLodge   LodgeLkSide

Porch Inside, the lodge was cozy, warm, rustic and reminiscent of time gone by.  Today I didn’t have to take off my wet clothes and try to dry out in front of a roaring fire.  Instead we had a lovely breakfast on the sun-filled porch, linen napkins and all in our motorcycle gear. Fireplace


RestPorchAfter breakfast we wandered around the grounds and took in the beauty of the lake. I’d love to return and have a few days of rest where I could knit and read and drink tea.  Ahhhh, couldn’t you see yourself in one of these adirondack chairs? LkCresc








This place is one of the reasons I love to ride the US.  It’s filled with the history of our young country and exploring the frontiers from sea to shining sea.  Check here for more information on Lake Crescent Lodge.  Check back for the next post on another historic Olympic Peninsula lodge.


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