How To Makeover Your Bedroom In Two Days

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Ryan Park

Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of being able to spend a couple of weeks or more on decorating projects within our homes. There are also many people who can’t afford to pay someone to do the work for them. The answer comes in gathering friends around to help with a speedy makeover that will transform a room in quick time.

If you need to update your room, read on. Here is how to makeover your bedroom in two days; yes, you can do it!


You can empty the room the day before the project is to begin. Sleep in another room or at a friends house for a couple of nights until the project is complete. Remove the bed, furniture, and carpet to leave a clear space where work can begin.

Day One

Plan the day to go with military precision, or it will turn into a shambles. You must manage willing workers to stop them treading over each other as they work. Here are the jobs to carry out on day one.

  • Remove the old wallpaper. This job is laborious, but you need to do it quickly. The best way is to equip one or more workers with steamers to help them strip the paper. To use a stripper, fill it with water to the maximum level and switch it on. When you are ready, and the water is boiling, hold the steam plate against the wall for about ten seconds. That is usually enough to make the wallpaper loose so that you can remove it without much effort.
  • Use sandpaper on all of the woodwork to give it a key for the new paint. It is an important job even though it seems boring.
  • Fill any gaps with decorators caulking. It is better than filler because it remains flexible and will not crack over time.
  • Paint the ceiling.
  • Apply an emulsion to the walls that you are painting with a roller; it is the fastest method.
  • Paint the woodwork with undercoat.
  • After two hours, paint the woodwork with gloss paint.

That is day one over. Though it doesn’t sound like much, you will feel exhausted.

Day Two

You have a busy day today. Here is the list of jobs you must complete.

  • The wallpaper must go on first if you are using it. Choose your most talented volunteers for the job. It might much of the day depending on how much paper you intend to hang.
  • Use the old carpet as a template for a new one so that you can cut it to the exact shape of the room.
  • When the wallpapering is complete, fit the new carpet and underlay.
  • Fit the new rail and hang the curtains. Alternatively, you might want to use modern window blinds instead. There are many from which to choose.
  • Bring in the new furniture. Designers say that  Mobel Oak from EW brings a touch of class to the room.
  • Dress the room with new bedding, table lamps, and artwork. They are the finishing touches to a startling transformation.

The above idea seems simple at first glance, but proper planning is key to success. Draw a timeline on a piece of paper and mark every job on it. It should have a start time and an estimated finishing time. From that, you will be able to see which jobs overlap and when your volunteers can take staggered breaks. The day will be hectic, but if you plan well, it should go without a hitch.

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