Visiting San Diego: Amazing Things to See and Do

California epitomizes cool. San Diego just adds to its already sterling reputation. If you are keen to visit this fantastic Californian city, you are in for a treat. There is a wealth of things to do within San Diego. What is more, it has a rich history and a vibrant city scene. This makes it the perfect destination for all types of travellers. While it seems like a well-worn cliché to say that the city “has it all” San Diego is the exception. It truly does have it all. Little wonder it has one of the biggest tourism industries within the USA.

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Many people love San Diego because it has a rich history. Combine this with a bustling new city scene and it will take your breath away.

Let’s take a look at some amazing things that you can see and do within San Diego. You will be spoilt for choice:

  1.    San Diego Zoo

This is without doubt the world’s most famous zoo. What they haven’t got homed in San Diego Zoo is not worth talking about! The zoo is home to pandas, bears and tigers. In short, you can see all of the world’s animals within the confines of this fantastic zoo. You can take part in open days. There are opportunities to feed the animals. You can be a part of this incredible experience. San Diego Zoo is a popular attraction all year round so it may be wise to book your tickets before you go.

  1.    USS Midway Museum

Navy Pier is one of the most fascinating places within the USA. Navy Pier is located in downtown San Diego and is the home of the Navy. San Diego has deep roots within the US Navy. For military history buffs, this is the place to be. Get on board the Midway Museum and see what this ex-naval ship has to offer. It is the real deal and a lot of fun.

 Lomas Verdes

Lomas Verdes is located at the southernmost point of California, on the edge of San Diego. This area is a great place to see the real San Diego. It is surprisingly close to the Mexican border, so you can pop across and visit another amazing country. There is a wealth of attractions within this area. Libraries, museums and boutique stores are all within the region. Hiking in the gorgeous scenery is a popular pastime. For those who love outdoor pursuits, get to Lomas Verdes. While it is considered a domestic part of the city, it is an excellent way to explore how the residents of San Diego live. Get off the tourist trail and delve into Lomas Verdes.

  1.    Timken Museum of Art

Culture vultures rejoice. The Timken is a great place to go and see thru magnificent feats of exceptional art that San Diego has to offer. There is a fantastic and historical collection within the confines of this museum. Get up close and personal to works from Rembrandt and classical American renaissance artists. This is a beautiful museum and is full of gorgeous art. The best news is, is that this has free admission all year round.


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