Spice Up Your Garden with These Beautiful Gazebo Design Ideas

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Gazebos are one of the most delightful garden features you can build. People who are looking for somewhere to sit when the weather is good, or even when it’s not so good, will find a garden gazebo ideal. Gazebos can create beautifully peaceful areas to while away the hours. And they’re perfect for looking out over the rest of your yard. Traditionally, a gazebo has eight sides (an octagon shape), with a bench running around the inside. But you don’t always have to follow tradition, and there are lots of things you can do with a gazebo that you might not immediately think of. Take a look at these gazebo design ideas for inspiration on how to build a creative gazebo with innovative use of space.

Get Rid of the Walls

Although a gazebo, usually, has eight walls, any free-standing yard structure could be a gazebo, even if it doesn’t have any walls at all. A great way to get creative with your gazebo design is to do away with walls, and have your gazebo supported by posts or columns on their own. You can leave your gazebo open, or you could hang curtains over each section. The curtains will look fantastic when they’re pinned back, and you have the option to close them for a little privacy. With no walls, you have an open view of your yard on all sides, and your furniture can even flow out of the gazebo.

Center Your Seating

The traditional gazebo has a bench running along its inside. But when you’re aiming to be creative you can do anything you want with your seating. One interesting idea is to feature your seating in the center of the gazebo, perhaps even taking up the entire surface area of the floor. A large bed in the middle of your gazebo creates an exotic look and is just perfect for lounging around on a hot day. Or how about a pile of cushions or beanbags on a raised gazebo, for an even more relaxed feel?

Match Your Gazebo to Your Home

When you’re thinking about your gazebo’s design, don’t forget that it’s a structure that needs to fit in with the rest of your home. A Softwoods gazebo will be designed with the architecture of your home in mind – you don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb. It doesn’t have to match your house exactly, but a gazebo with a very exotic look might look odd next to a relatively plain house.

Go Rustic

The trend for gazebos is often to choose very luxurious designs, but a more rustic look is better suited to many yards. You could choose a simple, more traditional gazebo with eight walls and a bench, or you can get more creative. Gazebos made from old wagons or carts are a fun look, or you can go for a rustic hut with a straw or thatch roof. Pair it with some wicker chairs or large, comfortable cushions to complete your rustic gazebo.

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