Awesome Ideas for How to Give Your Home a Fall Makeover

Although I’ve always loved the summer months, there’s something about the fall season that really appeals to me. I don’t know if it’s all the red and golden leaves falling from the trees, or the cold nights sat in front of a cozy log fire. But one thing’s for sure, I love fall and all that the season brings with it. With this in mind, I want to help make sure that you make the very best of the coming months. So, I’m going to share some awesome tips and ideas on how to give your home the ultimate fall makeover.

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Let There Be Light!

Candles add a certain ambience to a room. There’s nothing more comforting than the sight of a candle flame flickering away on a chilly fall evening. There’s just something about it that’s comforting and soothes the soul, much like eating a bowl of chicken soup when you’re ill. Place a couple of scented church candles in the darkest corners of the family room to add that touch of coziness that we’re all looking for when it’s cold outside. But remember never to leave candles unattended – always think of safety first!


In my humble opinion, it’s great fun to keep up-to-date with all the latest fashion trends.  But, it’s also just as important to put a little of your own style into your home’s interior design scheme. To help ensure you get the balance right, it’s always helpful to look at furniture designer websites. They’re useful for sourcing inspiration. Plus, you can see all the latest styles and designs that are dominating the fall furniture collections.

This can help to give you ideas for how to decorate your own home. But the key is to incorporate a couple of the latest innovating furniture creations, and then mix things up by adding your own personal twist. For the fall season, choose furniture and decor in rich colors, such as warming coffee, or spice red.

Create a Feature

Your interior design feature could be anything from a piece of statement artwork or a specially designed mural that hangs on your home’s main wall. Whatever you choose, it should be the focal point of your main living space. It should also express your personality, and be something that acts as a conservation starter at family gatherings and special occasions. It’s always a good idea to create something that can be altered slightly to reflect the shifting seasons. For example, if you choose to restore an old fireplace, instead of lighting a traditional log fire, you could instead fill it with seasonal offerings. So, this fall you could fill it with pine cones, buckeyes and crisp fallen leaves, to help evoke that authentic fall-feeling.

I hope that’s given you plenty of ideas and inspiration for how to give your home a makeover this fall. Remember, indulge your creative side and have fun creating your own haven. Because, when the rain’s falling and it’s freezing cold outside, and you’re all cozy in your newly made-over family room, you’ll be glad you made the effort.



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