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As you know, we love gardening at A garden grows from its soil foundation. As fall takes hold, there are a couple of easy things you should do to make sure your garden’s foundation is as healthy as possible.

I add Bovine Basics. It’s a natural soil supplement and their mission is to “produce American made products that are great for plants and the environment. We are dedicated to helping our customers plant all natural and organic gardens. Be part of our mission.” Thats a statement I really like. Go ‘Merica!

bovine basics

Their soil additive is made of 100% anaerobically digested dairy cow manure that helps create humus and tilth in the soil. This means that it can also be used as a peat substitute to help reduce peat mining, an environmentally hazardous practice.


I asked my friend Ed Rudberg Ph.D., CEO of Bovine Basis about how I should use his product in my garden this year. He said

“It depends on how deep you are mixing it in. I would not mix our product any greater than 1:1. Therefore, if you are raking it into the surface (1 inch) it (one bag) could cover over 100 square feet. However, this won’t get you much nutrient value. If you are working it down four inches (recommended) I would recommend no less than 36 square feet.” – Ed Rudberg Ph.D.

My garden is still producing the last few vegetables of the year, but I have my product ready to get tilled in soon.

Many people never think about feeding your indoor plants too. Did you know that the biological material in your potted plant’s pots biodegrades? As this soil gradually sinks, add some of the Bovine Basics to the top to nurture the soil and your plants to help you enjoy healthy, organic, and natural foods year round. Make sure not to replace the soil. You don’t want to disrupt the plant, just feed it. When you bring your potted plants indoors, consider topping them off with Bovine Basics. 

I personally use and love Bovine Basics. You might remember our tower garden we made for Mothers Day. We used quite a bit in this project and we also used it in the new vegetable garden we planted this year. We also did our Teacher Gifts post using Bovine Basics. Remember these? We painted some terra-cotta pots with chalkboard paint and then planted herbs in them to give to our kids teachers last year.

bovine basics soil additive


For disclosure purposes, Ed gave me a sample of two bags this spring, but the opinions in this article are 100% my own.

Bovine Basics is available for purchase as a consumer or as a garden center. For more information about how to get some, contact

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