Boursin Prosciutto Phyllo Cups

Boursin Prosciutto Phyllo Cups

Creamy boursin is mixed with salty prosciutto in these delicious and easy appetizer treats!

I love easy recipes.  I love appetizers.  I love cheese.

Let’s put those three great loves together to make one tiny tasty appetizer!

We had a little wines tasting party at our house last weekend (Pat calls it a BBQ…I call it a Wine Tasting Party…he has to keep his man card) and these little beauties were one of my favorite pairings! Cheese and wine are just a match made in heaven.  Creamy Boursin and Prosciutto Phyllo Cups for the win!

I love that you can whip these up in minutes and have a sophisticated app that the entire party will love. These would be perfect for tailgating, holiday parties, baby showers, the list goes on and on. Read more…


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