Gifts for the World War 2 Enthusiast

If you know a World War 2 enthusiast, then you must be aware how important their interest is to them. When it’s time to buy them a gift, it only makes sense to get them something that ties in with their special interest. This way, you know they’ll really appreciate your gift and that they’ll add it to their collection with a smile. But what exactly can you buy for them? This post will give you ideas:

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German Tanks of World War 2

This book is perfect for World War 2 enthusiasts, as it talks about the evolution of tanks used in the war. It also tells of tank battles, talks about armour used, and shows some detailed pictures in colour. Learn all about the performance and features of the tanks while looking at them in brilliant colour. It’s a great book to browse through when they feel like it. Great for modellers to make replicas from too!

Vintage Style Sweets and Memorabilia

Vintage style sweets and other memorabilia just might make them feel as if they’ve gone back in time. You can even buy nostalgic hampers that contain all kinds of relevant items. You can buy mugs themed around World War 2, coin packs, and even replicas of medals such as the Victoria Cross. Little gifts like this will look great when added to a collection.

A Vintage Watch

If you want to buy them a gift and money isn’t that much of an object, you could buy them a vintage watch – perhaps even a watch that a soldier from back then would have worn! If some of these watches are a little out of your price range, you can find plenty of replicas sure to excite the receiver. This is no regular gift!

An Aircraft Collectible

An aircraft collectible like the diecast aircraft models are great for collectors. They go very well in a World War 2 collection, and could even be the start of an enthusiast’s collection if they haven’t got one already. You could be giving them a brand new hobby to enjoy! They are heavy models, to scale, and are way more than just a World War 2 toy! Great for both young and old enthusiasts.

A Replica Piece of Kit

A replica piece of kit could go well in the decor of the home; displayed proudly above the fireplace, for example. What sort of kit could you buy? There are all kinds of things out there, from a Webley MK IV British Revolver replica, to the replica of a World War 2 helmet. Don’t worry – the replica guns are non firing of course! While we’re sure they’ll display them on the mantelpiece for all to see, don’t be surprised if they try to play war games with them.

The above gifts are fantastic for just about any price range. Whether you’re looking to spend £10, £100, or more, these gifts are the perfect choice for a World War 2 enthusiast. You just know that they’ll cherish a gift off this list forever. Happy shopping!

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