You Should visit Minnesota in the Fall #onlyinmn

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The Minneapolis and St. Paul area is a wonder place to visit in the fall. If you are on vacation, visiting family, or are part of a convention, make sure to find one of the many parks for a nice afternoon walk. Bottom line, you should visit Minnesota in the fall.

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Every time I go on vacation,  I wonder why I live in a climate that can get so cold. But in trade, I get to enjoy is the changing of the seasons. There are some wonderful little treasures to enjoy if you just go outside. Last week, the trees peaked in their fall color at my home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I shared some of the highlights below. If you are planning on visiting for the color, the MNDNR has a tool to help you plan around the season’s peak color here.

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You could go to one of the many orchards and vineyards, but sometimes all you need to do is go for a walk in a park. Here are a few of the things worth sharing from my recent walk in the city. Being an avid gardener, I love to watch the seasonality of the plants and fall can be a very pretty time when the old plants die and give seeds for the next generation. 

One of the first things we saw was this Milkweed. Isn’t this pod beautiful! Milkweed is a fairly common plant and should be left standing. It is a necessary plant for monarch butterflies.

Milkweed Seed

The next thing we found was a stand of poplars. Poplar is similar to a birch tree but rather than having the very white bark, it can be a little greener and not quite as pretty. This stand was just reaching its peak in color when I walked into the middle of it to take these pictures.

yellow poplar treets IMG_5291web

It’s not just the natural woods that is pretty in fall, this is a leaf from a Rhododendron in my garden. This plant gives two shows a year, one when it flowers, and then when it turns this wonderful reddish orange.

rhododendrum leaf in fall

As we walked walked through an open space, we came across this beautiful wetland. In the foreground you can see some Sumac spotted in a patch of Goldenrod. The bottom of the wet area is all cattails while the rim of the area is mostly Oak and Cottonwood that have already let down their leaves.

IMG_5297web IMG_5262web

I just couldn’t get over how red these sumac were!

red sumac leaves

Finally, I shared a few little open spaces we stumbled across. Enjoy your fall everybody!

tony schmidt park tony schmidt park tony schmidt park

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