Get Rid of Your Halloween Candy Covered Chocolate Cake


How-to-get-rid-of-your-Halloween-Candy Covered Chocolate Cake.

Halloween is a fun day when your kids get all dressed up and collect one of their favorite things from all of your neighbors. This year, my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Fairy Princess, Ninja, and Mini-Mouse hit the streets early and often. They literally brought back a wagon full of treats.

So your kids brought back like  1,000 pounds of halloween candy. Now what? It’s not like you are going to let then eat it all. You need to get rid of your halloween candy. Their effort must be matched by our effort to get rid of it without them realizing it … or it could be trouble. Do you know what they would do if they caught us just throwing it away?! Yikes! They would never let us forget it.

Luckily for me I have a daughter with a birthday that is in early November. I thought a fun way to decorate it would be to use the candy. So after we re-gifted several bags of candy as birthday favors, we made a cake and covered it with the excess candy.

We started by baking our own cake.

chocolate cake

Then we added a thick layer of chocolate frosting that would cement the candy in place.


Finally, add the candy to the outside. Make sure when you do this that the frosting is still soft enough. If it gets hard, it will be difficult to make it stay in place. I like the random look of the candy. It is kind of like doing masonry work. The pieces should be random and still fit together well. Otherwise it will look kind of dumb.

IMG_6229web IMG_6231web IMG_6232web IMG_6237web

We added a “9” out of colorful M&M’s in honor of our birthday girl. If you don’t have a 9 year old birthday, I suppose you could try a different number. It hasn’t been tried before, but it might work. 🙂  Otherwise just make a cake and give it to a neighbor.

IMG_6241web IMG_6246web

Then BAM! You just got rid of 3 pounds of candy. A great success.

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