7 Unique Ways to Lend a Breath of Fresh Air to a Tired Home

7 Unique Ways to Lend a Breath of Fresh Air to a Tired Home

Have you noticed that you’re spending more and more time away from your own home? Maybe something about the atmosphere is dragging you down. Maybe you have a to-do list that’s a mile long and you’re trying to avoid it. Whatever’s holding you back, follow these seven tips for breathing life back into your house or apartment and finally feel at home in your home.

1. Head to your local nursery and pick up some plants or flowers.

Green, leafy plants, colorful cactus, or even a bouquet of daises provide a host of benefits for the home. One of the main benefits of plants include their ability to immediately brighten up your space. As plants brighten up your space they make visitors to your home feel more welcomed. Just make sure that your home has the right lighting for the type of plant you’re buying.

2. Go through each room and make the aroma more appealing.

Get a room spray, light some scented candles, open the windows to get some fresh air in there…aromatherapy is excellent for boosting mood and loving your space more. Even cooking something delicious will do the trick!

3. Clean up!

If your space is disorganized and disheveled, you could be feeling anxious without even knowing why. Purge whatever you don’t need, organize the rest, and give everything a good top-to-bottom cleaning. You’ll be amazed at how much better your home looks after a thorough dusting and vacuuming.

4. Give your windows a good cleaning, inside and out.

When more sunlight can come through the windows, you’ll feel refreshed by the natural light. Amp up your windows even more with selections from sunburstshutters.com or other high quality shutter and window supplier. After all, improving your home doesn’t just have to happen on the inside! Knowing your house has added curb appeal will give you pride in your home.

5. Books, Books, Books!

Everyone has a few books that they love – pull them out and put them on display, where you’ll see them every day. Just by glancing at them, you’ll feel connected to yourself. Plus, if you work from home, fun coffee table books will provide a break from the monotony. This is also a great way to get that reading done that you’ve been putting off.

6. Turn off the TV

TV can be draining – aim to keep it off unless there’s something extra great on. Pump music through your home instead – it’s unbelievable how uplifting the right tunes can be. Soon you’ll be seeing your home through new eyes! Put high quality speakers throughout your home so that you can listen to your playlist no matter where you are.

7. Add fixtures

If your home doesn’t let in a lot of light no matter how much you make those windows spotless, add some more lamps and lighting fixtures. Literally brightening up your space can do wonders for its appearance and atmosphere. In the evening, dim the lights a bit as you prep for bed.

If your home is feeling lifeless, it could be a drain on your mood as well. It’s important to feel happy and relaxed in our own home. Spend an afternoon making these small improvements – you’ll feel like you’re living in a brand new home!

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