Tips to Light Up Kids’ Rooms

Tips to Light Up Kids’ Rooms


Kids’ rooms can be one of the most innovative and interesting places to try new lighting ideas. With just a little bit of ingenuity and imagination, you can create an effective lighting plan in kids’ rooms that can even grow with them.

Of course in order to save energy, take advantage of any available outdoor light. Studies have shown that a light, airy room can help with both mood and behavior. After the sun goes down, however, there are many options for indoor lighting that isn’t just the same old bedside or overhead light fixture.

Here are some innovative ways to bring light into your kids’ rooms!

If your child is constantly strolling down Sesame Street, why not try your hand at a simple do-it-yourself tutorial to make a personalized version of the famous sign post?

Or if Batman is your child’s favorite, there are Bat Signal night lights to keep them feeling safe at night.

LED lights provide a safe, energy efficient way to light kids’ rooms and the added bonus is that they will rarely, if ever need changing while your child is living at home.

Another great do-it-yourself lighting project for kids’ rooms is by painting a gnarled fantasy tree, for example, on the wall and carefully attaching a simple strand of LED holiday lights. When the lights are out, the tree becomes a fairyland fantasy.

A similar use of LED lighting would be to use a small LED fixture inside a tube or canister that has many pinholes. The light shines through the holes, creating a fantastic galaxy of light like stars in the night sky.

Why not write words or even your child’s name in lights? LED rope lighting can be arranged to spell out words of inspiration or make a statement whose room it is. The lights can be arranged and carefully tacked to a wall or even a backing to make the letters really stand out. For added safety, consider installing a battery powered emergency light in a child’s room or near the door. This can offer added safety in case of a power outage or other emergency such as in case of a fire in the home.

Keeping a room lit through the night is a great way to make your child feel safe as they set off the land of Wynken Blynken and Nod and insure that they have sweet dreams through the night.

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