Gift Anxiety Over Another Ugly Sweater?

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Ugly sweater parties are great … but ugly sweater present are not. Don’t suffer through the anxiety of getting another ugly sweater from grandma.


This year use Giftster to make your own list and send it to Grandma so she knows what to get you. Giftster is an easy and fun way to make your OWN list. Make sure to show your family today so you know what to get them too.


Giftster is a leading website and phone app for making your gift lists. It is very easy to sign up. It is free and very easy to use. I made my own Giftster list in about 2 minutes.


After you lists are made, you can easily share them. Here’s what your gift buyers will see: See how easy nice that looks! Plus, there are no ugly sweaters for grandma to buy.


Giftster’s platform is available for computers, tablets, and smartphones.



Even the phone interface is very user friendly.

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But don’t think Giftster is just for Christmas. Giftster is a lifetime gift registry where you can give and get the gifts that matter the most. Use it for holidays, birthdays, weddings, graduation, new babies, new homes or just because.

Look at this  – mom can manage child accounts right inside her account!


Giftster is the new way to make and share your gift lists.  Sign up today at 




We are endorsing this product and are NOT being paid for it. We are however helping each other promote our sites. 

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