Health On The Go: 5 Easy Tips

Health On The Go: 5 Easy Tips

We’re all being battered with claims that we should be getting more healthy. Bad news is all over the TV and papers about obesity and high rates of heart disease. We all know that we should be obeying our doctors’ orders, but it can be hard to find the time. There are already so many other things that we should be doing. We have to spend more time with family. More time with friends. More time at work. It’s all more, more, more.

No matter how hard it can seem, there are always opportunities to improve your health. There are loads of little things you can do throughout the day to capitalise on little opportunities. Think about all of the time you spend waiting around at bus stops and at home. These are all part and parcel of the frustrations of the modern world, but they can be used to help you.

We’ve all put our heads together to come up with a bunch of tips to help you on your noble quest to be healthier.

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Fitness on the go

There are loads of ways to get fit without taking time out of your day. In major cities, biking schemes are becoming increasingly popular. Often a bike journey will at least match the amount of time it would take to get to work on public transport. And it will also save you a lot of money over the course of a year. With that extra cash, you can splash out on some more equipment. Cycling will also save you all the stress of sharing your personal space with other people on a crowded train.

Portable gear

Products like portable alkaline water pitchers are a great way to match up your health routine to your workaday life. Other devices will also come in handy at those opportune moments in the office or out and about. Think about investing in a portable yoga mat so you can incorporate the exercise into your lunch break.


There are loads of handy apps and websites out there to help you. They allow you to use what little spare time you do have efficiently and to maximum benefit. Have an ask around and see which ones your friends are using on a daily basis. Think about using apps to measure your intake of calories as well, this way you’ll know what amount of exercise you need to shed those extra pounds. A lot of these apps are free, although many are worth paying that little bit extra for.

Get creative

Think about what you could do differently in your day. Where are you wasting time? If you make your day more efficient, you’ll have extra time for exercise, but also family activities and leisure. These are just as important as your physical health and fitness, as they have a huge bearing on your mental health. Being organised will also reduce your levels of stress. And stress has been proven to significantly contribute to heart disease, depression and insomnia.


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