Refilling the Tower Garden Water Basin

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When I first purchased my Tower Garden, I did all of the setup as the instructions said. I filled up the base, added tonic, and tested the ph. After what was a much longer time than I expected, I noticed the water is getting low. I had refilled it with a five gallon bucket and have noticed that as my plants have grown, the evaporation from the garden has increased. Keep in mind that my garden is in my basement in Minnesota with a relative humidity of nearly 0%. It is just flat out cold and dry here.

It seems that the conditions I have been operating in would maximize water usage, yet the usage  has still been very small. I have only put in 15 gallons of water total since late September when I started. Thats over two months of time and has supported 28 plants.

For me, any garden that is low maintenance is a good garden. Refilling the tower garden is very easy. All I do is fill a five gallon bucket and let it sit for two days. This gets rid of any chlorine in the tap water.


Then I add 100 ml of Tonic A and 100 ml of Tonic B to the bucket before pouring it into the Tower Garden Base.

Finally, check the ph to make sure it is in the acceptable range.

Now, here are some Tower Garden pictures to drool over.

This is my lettuce. Up can see it is starting to get some color as it matures.


This is some other lettuce. I think this one is the butter crunch.

butter crunch

I also have several other plants growing too. My cayenne is the most mature pepper plants at the moment, and they are starting to show some buds! Hopefully we will get to show you some pictures of flowers and show you how to pollinate them.

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