5 New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

5 New Years Resolutions For Seniors

1. Spend more time with family

Realize that family members usually remain our staunchest allies and those who will give encouragement and love, which is so very important. Make it a point to see local family on a regular basis. If others live far away, plan a short visit, if health permits, where you can enjoy them and take part in their daily lives.

2. Friends are the next best thing

Good and caring friends are often what keep seniors going by talking often on the telephone and going out to lunches or shopping. Far away friends, some of them lifelong ones that you want to keep in touch with, can easily be in your life regularly by email or Skype or even by the old-fashioned method of writing letters by snail mail. Many seniors recall fondly the days when handwritten letters were cherished and saved.

3. Make your home as “fall-proof” as possible

Even if that is not a necessity due to physical problems that require the use of a walker or cane, to prevent the falls that seniors often have, it is important to view your home’s contents and remove loose rugs, any furniture that is in the way of easy walking, making sure there are no visible cords, and having good lighting.

4. Plan healthy meals

Hundreds of recipes in books, magazines, and online are simple to follow and encourage eating nutritious meals. Read the benefits of foods and see what nutrients they contain and what they can do for your body. Then have the fun of planning menus preparing interesting meals with variety. Take a healthy cooking class or visit the weekly farmer’s market for the freshest fruits and vegetables.

5. Family photos

Preserve your family heritage by putting photos in individual albums for each of your children or grandchildren. Include any pictures of them and their immediate families as well as some of the ancestors labeled as to who they are, the year and location, if known.

Learn more about how Sunshine Retirement senior living can be your answer when you need further assistance in your life and realize that you cannot live by yourself. In the meantime, make helpful and creative New Year’s resolutions to set yourself up for a happy and “feel good” year.

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