Dark Chocolate Vanilla Bean Hot Cocoa

Dark Chocolate Vanilla Bean Hot Cocoa


This Dark Chocolate Vanilla Bean Hot Cocoa is a rich and decadent holiday treat and tastes amazing when topped with a homemade peppermint marshmallow. Hot cocoa or hot chocolate? I’ve grown up calling it hot chocolate but I recognize that a good part of the country refers to it as hot cocoa. Much like soda vs. pop. It feels weird to call a soda “pop”, bug I suppose that’s a California thing to call it soda? That’s what I’ve always called it.  Anyway, enough about that. Let’s talk about this amazing hot cocoa chocolate cocoa. This stuff is a far cry from the instant just-add-water garbage we grew up on as kids. This creation is more like a rich drinking chocolate (which are quite popular here in Oregon) rather than your standard hot chocolate. Its probably even closer to a dessert than just a drink. READ MORE >

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