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Hi YouTubers!  You have reached our site We are a lifestyle blog covering food, gardening, travel, and anything else we find interesting.  This post is about making colored ice balls. You may have seen them other places called orbs, or marbles. Usually, we do a lot more planning than for a post, but this project started when my oldest daughter Reagan had a friend over and they wanted to do a project for the blog.


On this particular day, we decided to make colored ice balls because it was super cold outside, even for Minnesota. In the video, Reagan walks you through a tutorial about how make your very own colored ice balls.

This was a fun winter project, but is also a great project to do in the summer as well to help keep your kids cool outside.

All you need is to get some water balloons, a few colors of dye or food coloring, and some water. Make sure it is below freezing (preferably below 20 degrees) and you can make this really fun winter craft.

If you are doing this in the summer, you can easily just put the balloons in the freezer.

Start by dropping a few drops of color into a balloon. Then fill each one with water and tie off. Place outside in the cold until morning. Then you will have some awesome colored ice balls.

Use them to decorate a deck or an ice bar. Don’t forget, you can freeze them together by spraying a little water on them on making them touch.

Another fun way to use them is to drill a hole in the top and then place a candle inside. Use them to line a path to light up the long winter nights.

frozen ice balls

frozen ice balls
Frozen ice balls


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