No-Bake Millionaire’s Shortbread Bars

No-Bake Millionaire’s Shortbread Bars


Let’s face it, we can’t always make everything from scratch. Well, I used to believe I could make everything from scratch. And I even went so far as to turning my nose up at anything not homemade. I also had very firm beliefs about other things and would make sure everyone knew about them. Enter pregnancy. Scratch all my prior principles. Au revoir to driving all over the country to get that special ingredient (who can sit in a car for that long with a huge belly?), arrividerci to homemade pasta (the couch is much more comfortable!) and Auf Wiedersehen to eating nothing but organic produce (and hello to saving any kind of extra money). Don’t get me wrong, I still like organic things and homemade pasta and cooking a special dinner. It’s just not this everyday kind of deal anymore. And come on – it only gets worse with a baby.

But now I’m looking back at my pre-pregnancy self and think that I must have been so annoying and condescending. “What’s the problem of all these moms? Yes sure you can still go to nice restaurants with a baby and sure you can still get your hair done. And why do you need to be so aggressive with that stroller?” The truth is that the first time we tried to leave the house with our baby girl we eventually gave up and just stayed at home. I haven’t had a haircut in months and yes, people are annoying when they just stop in their tracks in front of your stroller. I hate to admit it but what I thought were the worst clichés are so true. And being mainstream and normal and not totally hipster-off-the-edge? Completely OK.

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