Garlic Butter Tomato Shrimp Linguini

Garlic Butter Tomato Shrimp Linguini


I’m serious. Garlic. Butter. Tomato. Shrimp. Linguine. SO GOOD!

Good as in a garlicky, buttery tomato sauce (full of chopped up shrimp for extra delicious flavors) hugging linguine topped with pan roasted cherry tomatoes and crispy-tender shrimp.

An entirely different drama going on here: IT’S COLD. Really, really cold. The weather forecast told me it wouldn’t be so cold, it told me it wouldn’t continue snowing like crazy but it’s all happening, right now. We can’t leave our home because we’d never get back. And I’m not even sure the car would move through all of this snow. I know I’m complaining on a high level ESPECIALLY because I’ve been complaining about the lack of snow until about three days ago but THIS. This weather calls for loads of butter and garlic and all the good things.

In addition to this we’ve all been having this horrible, horrible cold which seems to be lasting forever, please go away and never come back OK thanks bye. My way of making things better? Going to pasta heaven.

This is a recipe Branimir and I have been making pretty much since we met. In fact, he cooked it for me on our first New Year’s Eve together and it was also one of the first recipes I ever made for this blog, decided it looked horrible and never posted. But now its time to shine has come!

Right now all I want to do all day long is cuddle my baby, watch a gazillion episodes of The Million Dollar Critic and Hell’s Kitchen (hello Giles and Gordon, I love you both!) and eat all the slow cooked pasta, one pot pasta and soupy pasta in the world. Which just made me realize this is the third pasta recipe I posted in a row. That’s what cold, snow and winter does to me. It might also be the fact that I can’t really leave the house without a) freezing my nose off or b) getting stuck in the snow. Anyways, if you’re like me and you’re the pasta loving kind of person then you and me both don’t mind. Right? Please say yes because I’d hate for us to have an interwebs-argument!

This garlic butter tomato shrimp linguine recipe is perfect for those times you want something a bit more special but are not in the mood to slave over one dish all day.

Let’s ignore the fact that I basically just described my life.

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