7 Clever Ways to De-clutter Your Bedroom Closet

The holidays are here and with that brings many new items into people’s lives. Those items need to be stored, most of the time in bedroom closets. There are many ways to organize and de-clutter your bedroom closet and Quantum Storage offers many items to help you with that task. Do your research and remember these seven clever ways to de-clutter your closet.

  • Assess the size of your closet
  • Optimize your space
  • Clear off those floors
  • Shelving is Your Friend
  • Pack away seasonal clothing into bins
  • Reconfigure how your closet is laid out
  • Stay within your budget

Depending on the size and layout of your closet, there are a few options to organize and optimize your space. Here are a few of the most common types of bedroom closets and some ideas of how you can make the most of your cleaning process.

Walk-In Closets

If you have a big, walk in closet there are many creative ways to organize this space. First, you could purchase some plastic stackable bins where you could sort your shoes and boots to get them off the floor and free up that space. If your closet has some spare wall space, you could also purchase some wire shelving. With this shelving, you can store all of your seasonal clothing. As it warms up, pack away those sweaters in a bin, label them and slide them onto the wire shelving. As you go through your closet and pack away the different seasonal clothing, you can store the bins on the shelving unit. Also within a walk in closet, you can by some modular shelving where you can store your luggage, pillows and spare bedding. Adding these bins and shelves will open up the space of your walk in closet as well as give it a fresh, organized look.

Reach-In Closets

Another type of bedroom closet is the classic reach-in closet. These are usually found in older homes and have a single rod inside them for hanging clothes and possible a little shelf at the top of the closet. This may seem like a lost cause when trying to de-clutter your closet. Don’t fret, there are now simple wire shelving units that you can mount inside these small reach in closets so you can maximize your space while still staying organized. Another way to optimize your closet space is to purchase stackable storage bins that are either set up like drawers or just stand alone modular units. When adding these tools to your reach in closet, you are sure to get the most out of the small space available.

So to recap, there are many economical ways to de-clutter and organize your bedroom closet no matter what size space you are working with. The shelving and bins come in a variety of colors, so your bedroom closet can still have that visually appealing characteristic without a metallic, cold feeling that many shelving units of the past used to have. Getting new items does not have to be hassle this year. As long as you optimize your space with these storage solutions, you are set to keep and get everything you need for your home.

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