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If you are looking to travel to Bonaire, you have found a tropical dream. Here is a list of hotels for you to check out.


It is always important to know what kind of weather to expect when you travel. The Bonaire weather is usually hot and dry due to its location in the southern Caribbean sea. The island is a dessert island. All of the water is produced in de-salineation plants so there is very little collectable water from rainfall or fresh water sources.

The daytime high temperatures will range from about 84 in the winter months to 91 during the peak of the summer, while the daily low temperatures range from about 74 in the winter to 78 in the summer. So make sure to pack your sandals, shorts and plenty of t-shirts. There really is no need for pants or long-sleeved shirts.

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Most people come to Bonaire for some sort of water sport; either wind surfing or scuba diving and the Bonaire weather could be better for that. The water ranges from 78 in the winter to about 85 in the summer. I have done dozens of dives in Bonaire, and I have not seen any significant drop in water temperature from the surface to a dive depth so I think this is pretty constant.

For current weather, you can visit the Weather Channel here.

A couple notable things about the weather are the wind and the wet(er) season. The wind is strong and constant all day and night. It blows from the east to the west creating a “wild side” and a calm side. The calmer west shore is where the primary city and most developments are. The wind is sheltered a bit, and the ocean is relatively calm allowing for easy shore diving and recreation. The wind is constant enough to provide power to the island. You will see a small wind farm on the “wild side” if you travel there.

The wet season of Bonaire weather is during the winter. When I visited in early January, we had a couple of small, but heavy, rainstorms that would pass each day. But the total time it was raining was was never more than 10 minutes. During trips later in the spring, I have never seen a rainfall.


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