Top Destinations For Your 2015 Family Holiday

Top Destinations For Your 2015 Family Holiday

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Do you want to organize a special family holiday in 2015? Then it might be a good idea for you to think outside of the box and try somewhere different. While most other people will head off to Spain or Greece, you could visit a nation that offers so much more. The best thing about selecting unusual locations is that you’ll get to experience a new culture. While we’re not going to suggest you go somewhere like North Korea (too many safety concerns). We think it’s important that you spend your money on something that will create lots of pleasant memories for your children.


While there aren’t many middle-eastern destinations suitable for family holidays, you shouldn’t overlook Dubai. The UAE has received lots of investment over the last twenty years, and they’ve created the ultimate resort for people who want to stay in luxurious accommodation. Just make sure you have enough money saved before booking. While there are reasonably priced hotels, some of the best ones can charge in excess of £2,000 ($4,000) per night! However, it’s worth every penny.


Naples might be in Europe, but you’d never know that if you didn’t look at a map. This city is home to stunning architecture and amazing food. You simply won’t be able to refuse to eat at restaurants during your entire stay. There is also a fantastic shopping district for your enjoyment. Some people have a hard time going home, which is why there are so many foreign nationals living there. If you like the idea of living In Naples find homes for sale that are slightly outside of the busiest areas. That way, you won’t get bothered by all the tourists.


Most people would agree that you need to spend at least three weeks in India to get a feel for the local culture. With that in mind, this destination could be perfect for those who want an extended break. The people of India are always welcoming to travelers, and prices are very reasonable. If you refrain from booking your accommodation, you could grab yourself a bargain once you land.


Thailand is a beautiful country populated by some of the most humble people on earth. While most adults choose to visit Bangkok, we feel Laos might be a little more suitable for anyone traveling with children. The city is steeped in tradition, and there are lots of historical landmarks that you won’t want to miss.

From that list, you should be ready to choose the ideal destination for your 2015 summer holiday. Of course, you could always go the whole hog and select a location completely out of the ordinary. Iran and Russia are both very stable countries, and they are currently welcoming an influx of western tourists. It all comes down to the type of experience you want to have.

Wherever you decide to go, we hope everything goes smoothly, and that you manage to take lots of cool photographs for your scrapbook. Enjoy!

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