Red Bull Crashed Ice in Saint Paul

Every winter the people of Minnesota have another great get together. Opposite the state fair, this one is right smack in the middle of winter. It is like these people enjoy the cold or something. Actually, long ago a major newspaper was making fun of the settlers in the state poking fun at the dreary winters. As a response, the St. Paul Winter Carnival was established. Today, during the carnival, there are other events coinciding with it. One is Hockey Day and the other is the Red Bull Crashed Ice. Together these make St. Paul a great winter destination for travelers, or for business people who are in town and want some entertainment.

st paul winter carnival

The image above was taken right outside the Excel Energy Center, where the Minnesota Wild play and Hockey Day takes place. This day there were to major college hockey games just before and after the Red Bull Crashed Ice.



Crashed Ice is a very cool event and it fits perfect in this cold Minnesota climate. It is basically skiing downhill on ice skates. Competitors race relay-style with 4 racing to the bottom at one time.


The course is built right next to the St. Paul Cathedral and runs down hill several hundred feet.

I was able to fight my way thorough a crowed of what I was told was 140,000 people to get to the front row of the first turn to take this video. It shows the atmosphere of St. Paul during the day, leading up to Crashed Ice, and then shows a little bit of the race itself.

Here’s the 3D version:

IMG_1344web st paul cathedral IMG_1355web

This ice sculpture was in the middle of the crowd and lots of people used it to take pictures and selfies.

ice sculpture red bull crashed ice st paul red bull crashed ice st paul start IMG_1380web

Once the race starts, it is insane. The crowds are full of energy and the racers scream down the course.

IMG_1441web IMG_1444web IMG_1460web

If you are heading to St. Paul, make sure you check out these places downtown.

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