Warm Buffalo Chicken Dip

Warm Buffalo Chicken Dip


This Warm Buffalo Chicken Dip is super easy to make and is so tasty that it will be the hit at any tailgating or game day get together. I’ve made a ton of game day food lately. Our family has probably consumed 2x the amount of cheese we normally do over that past month, and that’s no small amount. But the Superbowl is almost here, and I had to share one last recipe with you all. If you’re looking for a super easy to make, pour the ingredients in the pot and stir kind of warm cheesy tip, look no further. Now, this recipe calls for shredded chicken. You can go get a rotisserie chicken and use some of the meat from that. You can cook up some raw chicken and then shred it, but that takes some of the “easy” out of this recipe. I suppose you can use canned chicken but you’d better not tell me, otherwise I’d have to block you from ever viewing my blog again because that is downright disgusting… get the RECIPE here >

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