Savory Cabbage with Onion and Bacon

Savory Cabbage with Onion and Bacon


It took some time before I could admit that I was a foodie.  I always thought that was an overstatement, to describe me.  In reality, I was the one understating my affinity for food.  I guess I wasn’t sure what a foodie was at the time.  Perhaps I equated the term with that of a food expert.  That would hardly be the case for me.  Food lover, yes.  If that makes me a foodie then I happily claim the title.    This foodie was recently challenged to come up with a cabbage recipe.  We’ve used cabbage before, notably in the Golumpki (Gołąbki, Stuffed Cabbage) that Scott put together some time ago from a recipe that had been handed down on his mom’s side for generations.   Since its publication on Platter Talk, it has been one of the most viewed recipes on the site.   I was looking for something new, something different, and something that I could put together.  I found that in the recipe from Emeril, it’s his favorite cabbage recipe and we are calling it Savory Cabbage with Onion and Bacon.  Read More

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