8 Simple Yet Effective DIY Projects You Can Undertake at Home

8 Simple Yet Effective DIY Projects You Can Undertake at Home

DIY is something none of us enjoy, but it’s a necessity. There will come a point in your life where you’ll have to do some DIY in the home; it’s unavoidable. You never know you might grow to enjoy basic bits of DIY.

There’s something satisfying about undertaking some DIY work and finishing it. You get a sense of accomplishment as well as learning important life skills. And it’ll save you time and money because next time there’s a problem you can deal with it yourself.

Here are eight types of DIY that you can do yourself at home:

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  1. Repaint

One of the most basic DIY home decor jobs you can do is to repaint. But this is also one of the most satisfying. You’ll be shocked at the impact a fresh lick of paint will have on the inside of your home. You might only choose to do select rooms. But it’d be advisable to repaint the whole interior. Make sure you decide on a colour scheme and stick to it first though. You don’t want to have every room painted a different colour as this will make the home lose its balance. If you make sure you repaint each room in the appropriate colour scheme it’ll look brilliant. You should try to favour bright, soft colours like magnolia or cream. This will make your interior much brighter, and the rooms will seem larger, as a result.

2.Change the Doors

When you’re doing DIY around the house, it’s easy to forget about the doors. They’re something you use every day without fail to go in and out of the rooms in your home. But what condition are they in? And when was the last time you checked them? Doors will need occasional repairs and maintenance even if they’re treated well. You also might want to give some thought to changing the doors. Try to get ones that fit into the current colour scheme you’re using. This might mean painting them if you can’t buy the correct colour outright. You should try to make sure the doors you put in are strong and durable. You’ll also need to account for the fact that interior doors will be affected by climate. When it’s hot, the wood may expand and warp so make sure there’s room around the door frame to accommodate this.


  1. Clean the Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom is more a cleaning job than DIY but bathroom maintenance is important, so it makes the list. As well as doing the regular cleaning you’d do in the bathroom you also need to check out the shower. In particular, you want to look at the tiles around the shower. These are often neglected and will need a good clean. You’ve got to make sure you preserve the tiles for as long as possible. You’ll also want to make sure you grout your tiles now and then. This ensures they are well maintained and will last as long as possible.

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  1. Fix Locks

You might find that you need to fix the locks in the house. This could be for the front or back doors. Or it might just be internal locks like those for a bathroom or bedroom. There’s a good chance that a lock of some kind will need fixing in your home. You might want to take this opportunity to fix and replace all the locks. You might feel they’re not secure enough, and you want to change them. You could think about adding a second lock or a bolt lock to your front door to give you an extra layer of security. If you live in a shared house, you might want to think about adding a lock to your bedroom door, so it’s secure when you leave the house.


  1. Relay the Floor

One of the bigger DIY projects you might want to have a go at in your house is to relay the floors. Now this is a job will almost certainly need professional help. You can visit http://24hourly.com for its extensive database of professional tradesmen. You should be able to find the perfect person to help you. It’s important that you’re sensible about the process. Don’t try to relay the floor yourself because if you don’t know what you’re doing you might make a major error. This could result in a lot more time, money and effort. By all means get involved in the relay, but make sure you do so under the guidance of a professional.


  1. Bleed Radiators

Another small but important DIY job you can do yourself around the house with minimal fuss is to bleed the radiators. This is important because you need to be sure your radiators work properly. If they don’t, you could be wasting heat and energy. You should bleed them at least once per year. Or if they’re not heating up the way they should be. Make sure you shut the boiler off before the bleeding process. And be wary of the fact that they may leak water so you might want to put some towels down.


  1. Check the Guttering

An important DIY job that’s external but no less vital is to check your guttering. This will be even more important in the fall when leaves fall from the trees. You need to make sure your guttering isn’t blocked up with leaves. This can lead the gutters to overflow and might contribute to flooding in and around the home. Try to check the guttering every few months. If it’s in the fall or there’s been heavy rainfall make sure you check it a bit more often.


  1. Unblock Toilet

Unblocking the toilet is a basic household necessity. You will always get a blocked toilet at some point. It’s almost unavoidable. So it’s important to know how to deal with it when it happens. This is something basic that you should know how to do. It will also save you the embarrassment of having to get a plumber out. It may just be that something has fallen or dropped into the bowl that’s causing a blockage. If so you’ll need to put on some rubber gloves and fish it out. But the problems may run deeper. Something could be stuck in the u-bend. If this happens, you’ll need to use a plunger to get things moving again. You could even use the toilet brush as a makeshift plunger; it will have a similar effect.

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