Pololu Valley Lookout

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Pololu Valley Lookout

Located on the northernmost tip of the Big Island of Hawaii is a valley called Pololu, that cuts like a knife into the Kohala Mountains. Long ago this valley was used to grow a staple of the Hawaiian diet called taro, whose root was pounded to produce the purple-colored poi. From the Valley Lookout you view the rugged northern coast of the Big Island.  If you’re adventurous you can hike down the trail to the black sand beach below, which of course Captain Dan did. The photo gallery provides a good sense of the hike down.

It is not recommended that you swim at this beach as there are riptides, jellyfish, sharks, sharp rocks and no lifeguards, and don’t forget you must walk the steep climb back up to the top.  What a great way to spend an afternoon hiking Hawaii’s historic Kohala mountains.

Captain Dan’s Tips for visiting Pololu Lookout. This is the end of the road and parking can be limited. The trail down to the beach is rough in places. You need to be in reasonable shape to hike down AND back up. Remember the walk back up part. The house nearest the lookout is a local pastor who leaves fresh water out for visitors. We renewed our weddings vows there a few years ago and this is the pastor who did it for us. Really nice people. Feel free to make a donation for the water he gives for free. Your money goes to support the local church.

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