Crock Pot Roast Beef Recipe by Spiceé Gourmet

crock pot roast beef recipe

crock pot roast beef recipe

Hi again! Today, we are cooking with Spiceé Gourmet to make their Crock Pot Roast Beef recipe. This recipe is part of their crock pot recipes for easy home cooking.

All you need to do to make this great crock pot roast beef recipe is to start your crock pot roast beef in the morning before work. When you get home your house will smell amazing and dinner is already cooked for you. How easy is that?! It is perfect for busy families and for the beginner cook. This recipe uses a beef roast and some of Spiceé Gourmet’s Tuscan Blend. For a little more spice, substitute the Zesty Italian, for a salty herby flavor, use the Montreal Steak Style Seasoning, or use the Coastal Mediterranean. 

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Not only is crock pot roast beef recipe great hot right out of the pot, it makes wonderful sandwiches the next day. Expect well-done, very tender and juicy beef that is seasoned to perfection. Besides sandwiches, you can also use the leftovers in a soup or other dish.

For step by step instructions, visit Spiceé Gourmet’s recipe site here. Or visit their shop here.

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The goal of Spiceé Gourmet is to help bring craft food to your table. When you buy spices, blends, and rubs from Spiceé, you are also getting access to recipes and cooking ideas designed to take blogger created food to your kitchen table.

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