A Smoker’s Guide To Enjoying Your Travels In 2015

A Smoker’s Guide To Enjoying Your Travels In 2015

We all love travelling. The thrill of planning the journey and the excitement of touching down somewhere new. For some of us, life is all about exploring those corners of the globe we have only read about. We want to get as much out the differences in our cultures and landscapes as possible while we are there. For a few of us, it really is all about the destination, because we find the journey to get there can be absolute hell!

If you are a smoker, there can be nothing worse than being cooped up in an airport or on a flight for hours and hours without being able to have a cigarette. You start to feel that cold, clammy feeling and that awful restlessness that makes you act like you have ants in your pants. Nothing is worse than a delay because you have to reset your countdown clock to the next cigarette.  To make things harder, many countries are now banning cigarette smoking in public places. You’ll still have to wait another couple of hours until you reach your hotel room to light up!

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Fortunately, there are ways to help you cope between cigarettes that don’t involve you having to kick the habit altogether. While most people unsympathetically say ‘if you don’t like it then quit’, if you really love having a cigarette, you probably won’t ever want to. If you haven’t tried vaping or e-cigarettes, they might be a helpful alternative to the real thing. Have a look at websites like gotojoes.com/product-category/e-liquid/the-vapor-factory. Places like this allow you to choose e-liquids in varying nicotine strengths. You can also choose your preferred flavors too.

Some places are looking to ban the e-cigarettes too, so check ahead to see if you are OK to use them. Most smokers don’t like to mix and match nicotine patches with smoking cigarettes because the patches are so strong and are not designed to be useful to a continuing smoker. There are other coping mechanisms while you are travelling. Some people chew on straws or pens to give their mouths something to do while others take an herbal sleep remedy to help them stay calm. While none of these are ideal, giving up travelling must surely be far worse!

There are still airports that supply a smoker’s area, but these are rarely very pleasant, and often out in the weather and noise. However, if you can manage to fit in enough cigarettes to keep you going between flights, these little spaces may be quite handy. It is never ideal to over smoke before getting on a plane as the extra nicotine can make you more agitated than not smoking at all. Instead, practice some simulated smoker’s breathing. Long, drawn in breaths that are held for about ten seconds before long exhalations can help keep anybody calm.

Of course, there is one benefit to being a smoker and a keen traveller – duty-free cigarettes. At least you will be able to prop up your habit more cheaply than all the smokers who stay at home!


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