Closet Redux: 5 Original Ways to Revive Your Old Closet

Closet Redux: 5 Original Ways to Revive Your Old Closet

Closet Redux 5 Original Ways to Revive Your Old Closet

Opening the door to a disorganized closet is sure to generate frustration, especially when you’re searching for something to wear to work and you’re already pushed for time. If you feel a sense of dread each time you open your closet, there are ways to change that.

Clear it out

The first step toward reviving your closet is to remove everything. This gives you a chance to donate or toss out everything you can no longer wear or no longer want. Once the closet is empty, either paint or wallpaper the interior so that it will have a fresh new appearance. New lighting could also perk up the interior space.

Closet rods

Install rods that accommodate your wardrobe. This will likely involve creating a section for long articles of clothing as well as few sections for shorter items such as shirts or pants. It’s also a good idea to throw away your odd assortment of hangers. You can find good hangers at a place such as National Hanger Company. Your closet will look nicer and your clothes will retain their shape better if you use quality hangers.

Wall system

Adding a pegboard to the wall of your closet will give you an ideal organizational space. Hooks can be placed in the pegboard. You can hang belts, handbags and many other items on the hooks so that they are easy to find when you need them.


Shelving can be added to the interior walls of your closet to provide additional storage and organizational space. The size of the shelves and the placement of the shelves should be accommodating to your individualized need. You could place brackets on a pegboard to support shelving, if you don’t want to attach the shelves directly to the wall.


Keeping the floor of your closet free of clutter will make it look more spacious. It will also make it easier for you to step inside and retrieve items from the closet. Adding one or more shoe racks is the ideal way to keep your shoes organized. Your shoes will look better and last longer when stored properly on a rack instead of ending up in a pile on the closet floor.

Your closet can go from dull to exciting and from chaotic to organized if you implement some or all of the previous ideas. You’ll no longer have to search among the clutter and unwearable items to find precisely what you’re looking for.


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