Up-cycling Tips For Your Home

Up-cycling Tips For Your Home 

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For many people, buying off the peg is fine and in some instances that is the only choice you have. For example home electronics. However in recent years there has been a massive surge in upcycling. At its core, up-cycling is like recycling but you take something that you or someone else would think is trash and repurpose it. This can be as little as taking the drawers from an old piece of furniture and building into something else. Or piecing together multiple objects to create something that fits in with your decor. The possibilities are truly endless and all you need is some imagination, a few tools and a lick of paint to create something that no one else can buy.


The garden is a great place to start, there are no doubt many items in the back of the garage that can be repurposed to give you something unique. My first idea is to grab an old tire and turn it inside out to create an interesting flower pot. This is easier than it sounds however and I would recommend grabbing a strong friend and a decent quality knife to aid you. If DIY is not your strong suit you could consider buying a ready made Surrey condo.

First of all, cut the beading off the inside of one half of the tire. Then on the same half, cut lots of slits and shapes to weaken the structure of the tire. Now use some good old fashioned brute strength and push the weakened side whilst pulling at the same time. Once you have managed to bend that part keep moving around the structure of the tire until it is completely inside out. You can then choose to pop a bit of wood at the bottom, or just place the planter in the garden. For a finishing touch why not paint the tire in white, or another color to complement your garden.


If you have an old oil drum laying around, you can convert it into a great toy chest for the kids. Firstly of course you are going to need to clean that drum out. First of all get yourself a decent scrubbing brush, a face mask and some methylated spirits then set to work on the elbow grease. Once you have sufficiently scrubbed it clean, empty the contents into a suitable container for disposal. Now use fresh water and some laundry solution and clean it again, keep doing this until the drum is 100% clear. Now if you are handy you can tackle the welding and cutting yourself, if not pop to a nearby garage. The cost shouldn’t be too much. Firstly you will want them to weld on the lid. Secondly they will need to cut the drum in half lengthways. Now with your freshly cleaned drum you are ready to convert it. Buy some decent quality hinges to allow for opening and closing and attach them to one side of the drum. Attach a handle and you are almost there. The finishing touch is to attach it to the ceiling, or if you aren’t too sure, you can make a simple stand, so it doesn’t roll around. You can then customise if for a girl or boy with a colourful lick of paint and some cheap decals.


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