6 Big Home Improvement DIY Jobs You Need To Do

6 Big Home Improvement DIY Jobs You Need To Do

The last time you used a company to carry out your home improvements for you, did you get a good service? And were you happy with the price you paid? If the answer to both of those questions is ‘no’, it’s time to dust down your tools and start doing it yourself instead.

 This is what happened to me not too long ago. I spent a lot of money on labour costs and at the end of it, I was left thinking that I could have done a better job myself. I think this is a pretty common feeling among people who’ve had work done on their homes. So why is it the case that we still shy away from getting our hands dirty and doing the work for ourselves?

 A lot of it is down to a lack of confidence in our own abilities and a lack of time in which to carry out the necessary work. I found out pretty quickly though, that going DIY is not only cheaper, it also gives you a great deal of pride and satisfaction. So, I want you to follow my lead! Here are 6 DIY jobs you should do yourself.

 Solar Panels

 The well-being of the environment is at the top of many people’s priority lists these days. And by using less conventional energy, we can not only help the environment, but also help the environment. The easiest way to do this is to install a wind turbine or solar panels on your home. Depending on where in the country you live, one will be more effective than the other.

 Solar panels are my preference though. Companies will install them for you, but you’ll pay the price of having them steal some of your generated power if you do that. Do it yourself instead. You’ll need to know how to scale your roof safely. And remember, once they’re installed them, get a battery so you can store excess power for those less sunny days.

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 A New Fireplace

 Have you ever sat in your home on a cold winter day and wished you were sitting in front of a blazing fire, warming your feet on an open flame? I know I have, that’s why I build myself a new, fully functioning fireplace. You can’t beat them. No central heating system can compete with the appeal of a real fireplace, there’s nothing else like it.

 There are a lot of things to consider before you go ahead though. What do you want the mantel to be made from? And what kind of fireplace do you want? You can go for the traditional wood burner, or there are companies like ethanolfireplacepros.com that sell ethanol fireplaces. And make sure you know how to light them, if you don’t, you could fill the entire house with smoke!

 Convert the Loft

 If you’re a family man and you have another kid on the way, or you want a new bedroom so that the kids don’t have to share, why not convert the loft? I can hear the sighing and grumbling from here. Yes, I know it’s a big job, and it can be expensive, but, believe me, it’s more than worth it. Converting your loft adds a bedroom, which, in turn, increases the value of your home dramatically.

 You’ll need to make sure your house can take the weight of a loft conversion, and think about if your loft offers enough height for a bedroom. Make sure you know what you’re doing before you go in because the old supports, keeping the roof safe, will have to be replaced by news ones otherwise it will be dangerous. Once all that’s in order you can get underway. Remember, you’ll want to insulate it fully and add a window too!

 A Garden Shed

 This isn’t actually a home improvement. But who knows, if you’re spending less time moping around the house and more time in the garden shed, maybe your family will see it as a home improvement! Sheds are great because they can be used for all manner of things. You can play your music or musical instrument in them as loud as you want without complaints. You can store your model train set in them without ridicule. Or, if you get a big one, you can store your car in them.

 Most people just buy one ready made and get it delivered though. But don’t be tempted. It’s so much cheaper and more rewarding to make your own. It’s very simple too. Just get a good guide and some good quality wood, and you’re away!

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 Joining the Kitchen and Dining Room

 Kitchen-diners are very popular right now. Why would you want two small rooms when you could have one big, spacious one? And all of that can be achieved by simply knocking a wall down. Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that. But not complicated enough to warrant the need for external labour!

 As long as you research your house structure and walls properly before you begin, you won’t have a problem. And, let’s be honest, knocking down a wall with a big hammer is a pretty fun way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.

 An Extension to the House

 This happens to a lot of people; you buy your house, and there’s just you and your partner. Everything’s going great; you love the house and it couldn’t be more perfect. And then you find out you’re going to have your first baby. When a family expands, sometimes the house needs to expand too. A lot of people don’t want to do that kind of work, so they just move out and find a bigger place. But that takes so much time and money.

There’s no reason why you can’t build a small extension onto your house. If you have the land and the help to do it, it can be pretty straight forward. Friends and relatives are normally happy to help. If they’re not, just guilt trip them and say it’s all being done for the baby. It’ll work a treat.

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