Shortcuts for remodelling your bathroom in record time

Shortcuts for remodelling your bathroom in record time

You can cope with remodelling your bathroom in record time on your own using the services of a contractor and some smart shortcuts. There are tasks which are not recommended to be done on your own using online how to do it videos and explanations, like installation of your toilet, repair of your plumbing and others. You can remodel your bathroom in a clever and efficient way using the tips and advices presented here. Some of them involve professionals, others like the cleaning and preparation can be done by yourself.


First thing that you should do is contact a bathroom contractor. This should be done after you have a clear idea and plan in you mind for remodelling your bathroom. He will assist you in choosing and purchasing the necessary materials. The bathroom contractor can help you in selecting cost-effective appliances which will save you water and energy. This will cut your expenses on the long run. He can consult you how to get the government discount which may be provided.

Don’t skip the preliminary planning phase. You need to have a clear idea how to remodel your bathroom. To get there you should ask yourself questions like what do you expect from the remodelling, how do you imagine your bathroom to look like, how much energy and water do you plan to save by using green appliances and products. After you clarify yourself these and other questions, you can start work.

This pre-planning will not only save you plenty of time but guarantee you that you will be satisfied with the final result. You will use the budget you have planned beforehand and finish the project in time. This phase entirely depends on you. Take a few days or a weekend to make clear your desires and needs. Take notes marking your priorities, goals and budget. You can use pictures and photos from magazines and newspapers to illustrate your ideas on the fixtures, fittings and worktops that you prefer.

Take care of the preparation work on your own. You can involve your family to remove the bathroom furniture, strip the wood, remove the wallpapers before the painting starts and do many other preparation tasks. The technical work can be done by the contractor, while you can prepare your bathroom for the renovation on your own. This will save you a lot of time.

You should set a definite time when you expect your bathroom remodelling to be finished. Then bring a bathroom contractor to start work. Show him your project’s plan making sure he understands every stage of your project and the time you expect him to finish work. You need to be flexible with your project. Unexpected work will certainly emerge and you need to be prepared for a little longer work and more expenses.

While the professional works on your bathroom you can occupy yourself with supplying with mirrors, hardware and other additional items or work which you can to facilitate his work and speed up the remodelling process.

The easier tasks like the painting of the bathroom can be done by yourself. Instead of waiting for the painters to arrive you can use your time wiser doing their work. With the properly done preparation in advance you can cope with any non-complex bathroom remodelling work. Finishing the remodelling by yourself is not this difficult. You can do it even if you don’t have the practice

When it comes to bathroom remodelling proper timing is essential. If you plan to remodel your bathroom do it as soon as possible when contractors are free and more inclined to negotiate on setting the price. After the remodelling is completed take care of the cleaning work. Do it as soon as you can because the mess that’s created may be harder to be cleaned later. Do the tasks you can like planning, preparation, cleaning and painting by yourself and your project will be completed earlier and cost you less.

The article is contributed by Patricia Conrwell who runs a company which deals with home refurbishment in N4

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