Day Tripping with Rick – Best of Oahu, Hawaii

Day Tripping with Rick – Best of Oahu, Hawaii

Our trip to Hawaii in 2012 included two islands; Hawaii and Oahu.  We covered the Big Island in two other posts and it is a wonderful place.  Today’s post covers the best of Oahu.  Now the snobs out there will say, “Why did you go there?  We had a MUCH better time locked away in our exclusive beach resort on Maui.”  While this might be great, you would miss a lot of what makes Hawaii a special place. So maybe next time, we go to some of the more exclusive islands, but I think for a first trip there, you should not miss Oahu.


The first criticism is that it’s too crowded.  While there are almost a million people on the island, most are concentrated in the Honolulu metropolitan area along the southern shore.  As you go east and north of the city, the numbers quickly thin out.   (Click here to read more…)

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