2015 bathroom design trends

2015 bathroom design trends


If you plan to renovate your bathroom or make some major or minor changes in its design, you can use the following 2015 bathroom design trends. They are classic and modern at the same time. Once you invest in purchasing the new bathroom furniture or innovations, your bathroom will look elegant and trendy. Use the ideas given here to design your bathroom according to the latest trends.

Recently many people avoid using bathtubs in their bathrooms. The lack of space, time and the consumption of too much water is the main reason for their decision. In 2015 the trend in bathroom is the absence of bathtub.

One of the latest trends in bathroom design, if you decide to have a bathtubs after all, is the free standing bathtub. It adds elegance to every bathroom as well as functionality and style. The stand-alone bathtub can be used for relaxation and rest every day and can be combined with a walk-in shower. When you choose the design of your free standing tub, use curve-shaped bathtubs for too angular bathrooms. An angular bathtub can be used in a bathroom with soft colours. Try to create balance in your bathroom with the shapes and design of the items in it.

In 2015 the rectangular and square shapes of the mirrors will be substituted by round and hexagonal ones. They add a feminine and glamorous look to the bathroom and look great on tile mosaic and wallpapers with various patterns. You can mount a round or hexagonal mirror over your bathroom sink.

Using white fixtures is another innovation in the bathroom which is trendy in 2015. Although this may not be applicable in every bathroom, it is the modern alternative of polished chrome. It adds elegance and creates spacious and light bathroom interior. You can choose to add white faucets in your bathroom sink to create one-coloured, simple and stylish vision. Or you can combine white faucets with darker tiles or bathroom furniture for balance.

Marble is trendy again when it comes to 2015 bathroom design. Oversized marble items are great for the bathroom. The textures which should be used are chevron and hexagon. The lines should be smooth and polished. You can match marble furniture in the bathroom with ceramic tiles and light grey porcelain. This way the mosaic will be the centrepiece element in the bathroom. Be sure to have them washed regularly. You can hire ShinyCarpets Peckham

Gold-plated hardware in the bathroom is another innovation which you can add to make this room stylish and modern. It creates luxurious and elegant bathroom interior. You can use gilded elements in the lighting, hardware and plumbing if you prefer. Apply these innovations moderately using them on faucets and other elements in your bathroom d├ęcor. To create a refined interior restrain yourself in the use of gilded hardware and decorating elements.

Another trend in bathroom design for 2015 are the various types of metallic fixtures. There are plenty of colours and finishes you can choose from. You can use chrome, bronze, brushed nickel, as well as brassy or coppery bathroom fixtures in warm colour tones. You can use stainless steel if you prefer but the variety of metallic options for bathroom fixtures is so large that it seems like stainless steel is not so interesting any more.

Hand showers are great as they offer you the ability to direct the flow of water in the desired direction and look good. A cost-effective innovation which you can make in your bathroom is buying a dual-flow or low-flow toilet. Two-sink bathrooms are very trendy in 2015 and functional as well. They can be used by siblings and couples living together and are appropriate for large bathrooms. LED lighting is another modern innovation you can have in your bathroom cabinets or everywhere in the bathroom.

These bathroom design trends will be modern in 2015. Use some of them to renovate your bathroom and make it stylish, elegant and exquisite.

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