How to Build a Rain Barrel

How to Build a Rain Barrel


There are so many reasons to collect and use rain water:

1. FREE – this water is free. It literally falls out of the sky for you. Even in Minnesota, Land of 10,000 taxes and lakes, municipal water can be very expensive.

2. GOOD FOR PLANTS – have you ever noticed how good your plants or yard look after a good rain? Rainwater actually has some good stuff in it like potash, sulfur and if there was a thunderstorm the lightning can create nitrogen for a little free fertilizer.

3. HELPS CONSERVE GROUND WATER – collecting rain can help conserve valuable water and keep it from just being whisked away in the asphalt and concrete jungles that many of us live in. Fast running water doesn’t seep into the ground.

4. IMPROVES SOIL – That’s right. Areas with little rainfall can tend to get salty. Fresh water collected and sprinkled on your garden or yard helps dilute salt build up.

5. GRAVITY- In this case gravity is your friend. No pumps needed with a well design rainwater collection system.

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