Introducing the Spiceé Dinner Club!

dinner club is introducing the Spiceé Gourmet Dinner Club! Find out all about it here.

If you already know you want to join, please visit Spiceé Gourmet here. 

Spiceé Gourmet Dinner Club

  • Price: $19.95 monthly, or $16.95 with a 3-month subscription
  • Recipe Cards: 4-6 per month
  • Spices: 6-10 packs per month
  • Delivered monthly. No contract or commitment.

dinner club

Recipe Cards:

Each month, you will get seasonal recipes on full color 4×6 cards that are perfect for a recipe book. Beautiful images of the meals make referencing them very easy. This isn’t your mom’s old recipe book. Here’s a sample:

dinner club

Spices, Blends, and Rubs:

You box will have 6-10 packets of spice. Usually there is approximately a tablespoon of product in each one, unless a recipe calls for more, then the packets are specially made for you to cook the recipe. The packets are clearly labeled and you are free to use our recipes, or any other way you like. The bottom line: You get a variety of fresh spices delivered every month.

Why are People Joining the Dinner Club?

Learning to cook better at home: Our recipes and spices can help anyone cook better at home. This is a great gift for newly married people, college grads on their own for the first time, and even empty nesters who are re-discovering their kitchen.

Building up a recipe book: The Spiceé Gourmet Dinner Club is a great way to augment your cooking with blogger created meals. Eat fun food that is seasonal, fresh, and exciting while collecting colorful recipe cards that are easily referenced in your kitchen.

Saving Money: Are you a budget conscience eater? By replacing one or two meals of eating out with our suggested meals, you will likely save money. Eating out is typically expensive and unhealthy compared to home cooking.

Eating More Healthy: Generally, eating at home is healthier than eating out. We want to make good meals as easy as possible for you to make. Not all of our food is intended to be diet specific, but if you can use our recipes to help make well rounded meals at home, that is probably a lot better than ordering delivery, going out, or eating frozen food.

As a Gift: The dinner club makes a great gift for newly married couples or anyone who is living on their own for their first time. Help them eat well and eat at home by buying them this gift.

If you would like to learn more about the Dinner Club, please visit here.

One Minute Video Recipes

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