Spiceé Gourmet Beef Burgundy

Spiceé Gourmet Beef Burgundy


Beef Burgundy is a traditional French recipe using red wine, I suppose from the burgundy region. Now I’m not Julia Child and I have not studied her recipes to know the intricacies of French cooking, but I can tell you that this Americanized version is well worth putting on the table.  Check out this Julia Child footage about The French Chef from ABC when they did a story about the movie, Julie & Julia. It’s 7 minutes long but you must watch this classic and delightful story of Julia who will have you saying Bon Appetit like a native, and is her signature ending.

Now that you’re in a true Julia mode,  try not to remember the Saturday Night Live skit from 1979 where Julia (Dan Aykroyd) cuts herself while boning a chicken but keeps her show going while spurting blood all over the kitchen.

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