Converting your Garden to Organic

Converting your Garden to Organic


It is not uncommon that when you first started your gardens that you were not all that concerned about growing organically. But now you are and you might have no idea on how to go about converting over to an organic garden. Here are some tips to help you get change over to a healthy organic garden.

Compost, Compost, Compost

One of the most important things you need for your organic garden is compost. Compost is one of the only things that can change the structure of your garden soil. Add at least two inches of compost to your garden area and till it into the soil. Water it in very well and let it rest. This allows the microbes in the soil to start multiplying. Now add as much compost as your garden can handle, till it into the soil, water again, and let it rest.

Earthworms Are Your Friends

Buy earthworms! They are your best friend in the garden. Release them into the composted garden soil so they can do their handy work. If you weren’t able to compost your garden, you can use earthworms, it just will take longer to get rid of all the synthetic fertilizers you may have used previously.

Don’t have worms or they freak you out? Pick up a few bags of earthworm castings. Use an entire bag initially and then add more each month as your flowers and vegetables are growing.


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