Get That Rustic Cabin Look in Your Home

Get That Rustic Cabin Look in Your Home

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by vastateparksstaff

If you have memories of vacations staying in lodge cabins, next to a lake or up in the mountains, you might be yearning to recreate that feeling at home. You might not always be able to own a cabin of your own, but you can create that cozy and homely feeling without leaving your house. Through warm colors and rustic woods, it’s easy to design a warm and welcoming space that’s nostalgic without being tacky and old-fashioned. Keep it modern while focusing on the cabin look with some of these top tips for a cozy lodge home.

Avoid Empty Space

You don’t want there to be too much open space if you want a warm cabin feel to your home. Wide, empty spaces might look good in a more modern interior, but it can make your house feel less than cozy. That’s not to say that you need to have something filling every square inch available to you. It’s fine to be a little eclectic, but it would be a mistake to go overboard and fill the house with every item that catches your eye. It could end up looking pretty messy. But you should choose furniture that fills the room, and don’t be frightened to accessorize and decorate.

Add Cozy Textiles

Playing with textiles, from bedding to rugs, is an excellent way to make everything cozy. At the same time, you can brighten things up to make sure you don’t end up with a dark room that’s all in browns, beiges, and blacks. You can use beautiful fur throws to give a warmer feeling to sitting and sleeping areas, or brighten things up with a patchwork quilt. Put cushions around the house to soften wooden and wicker furniture to ensure it’s warm and cozy, not hard and unwelcoming.

Nature Motifs

If your lodge decor is about getting in touch with nature, you need to have plenty of animal and plant motifs. When you think of a cabin, you might imagine hunting trophies hanging on the walls. But they’re not the only way to show your home’s connection with nature. Use cushions with animal motifs on them or wall art with beautiful landscape scenes. You can bring the outside in too, with potted and hanging plants giving your home some color.

Wooden Furniture

Whether you’re decorating an actual cabin or just trying to make your home look like one, there needs to be plenty of wood. You need that natural feel of everything having been made by hand, using the natural materials around you. It doesn’t matter if you bought it from your nearest superstore. Wooden furniture is the key to a more rustic look in your home, but don’t choose anything too smooth and contemporary.

Don’t forget to add a few modern touches to keep the look up to date. You could use some fresh, contemporary sheets on your bed to bring the room into the present, for example. Mix a traditional dining area with newer place settings, from glasses to plates. You don’t have to create an entirely rustic look.

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