Roasted Rosemary & Thyme Red Potatoes

Roasted Rosemary & Thyme Red Potatoes


I’ll be honest with you. When it comes to side dishes, I’m never really sure what to make. Sure, you can go by the one protein, one starch, one vegetable rule, but which starch? What vegetable? There are so many to choose from! So last night while getting ready to prepare dinner, I took some advice from my mother. When in doubt, go with potatoes. And when you’re tired from working a twelve-hour day, find the fastest, easiest way to prepare them. You know, besides for baked potatoes… That’s just cheating. Delicious, delicious cheating…

So now, without further adieu, I give you the fruits (erm… vegetables) of my labor: Roasted Rosemary & Thyme Red Potatoes.

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These are really quick to prepare. Wash ’em, cut ’em, throw on some herbs and get them in the oven. I prefer the herbs listed in the recipe below, but you can add whatever you like. Then, forget about them for the next 45 minutes.

Some suggested activities while you wait: Prepare other foods, take pictures of your foods (my favorite option), take pictures of other people’s foods (while ignoring the strange looks they give you, because part of the fun is not telling them you own a food blog), talk to your friends, catch up on Game of Thrones, or just take a nap.

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