Things to Do When Moving into a New House

Things to Do When Moving into a New House

When moving into a new house, you don’t want to sense that the old owners are still there. You want this house to feel like it’s yours and yours alone. So how do you do that? Use this guide to help you:

Paint the Walls

Regardless of whether you’re going for a completely new color scheme, or you’re painting the same color, a lick of paint will freshen the place up. If you’re new to painting, watch a few tutorials and make a note of the tips there. It isn’t too hard, it can just be time consuming! If you don’t have the time, then hire a painter and decorator to do it for you.

Clear it Out

Chances are, the old owners left some things there. Everybody does this. Go through each room and see if there’s anything they’ve left that you don’t want. If you think they may have forgotten it by mistake, you could contact the estate agent to give it back to them. I wouldn’t throw everything out straight away just in case they want it back!

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Add Safety Features

You want your home to feel safe. Intruders need to be kept away; you don’t want to feel at risk in your own home! So, to ensure your safety, you need the proper features. A burglar alarm is a good start, but you could even consider having CCTV cameras installed. Make sure you also have a fire alarm. The more safety features you have, the safer you can feel in your home.

Change the Locks

Anybody could have a key to your house and you won’t even know it! Even if you’re sure that the previous owners have given back the keys, there may be copies that even they don’t know about. You just can’t be sure, so make sure you contact a locksmiths and get the locks changed. This should automatically make you feel more at ease.

Add Your Own Furniture

Some owners will leave their furniture for you. In some cases you may have negotiated to include the furniture in with the price if you needed it, and that’s OK. However, I know I’d much prefer to have my own furniture.

Steam Clean Carpets

If there are carpets in the place, then hire a steam cleaner and give them a good clean. Steam cleaning them will make sure they come up nice and new looking, and you can rest assured that there’s nothing lurking there. If there are any stains, there are lots of treatments you can choose from.

Check for Problems

Although you will have already checked for problems before moving in, make sure you do it again now that you’ve got the keys. It’s much better to double check and be safe than sorry.

Your new house will feel so much more like your own if you use these tips. They’re pretty much things you can do all at once too, without spending a fortune. Later, you can re-decorate properly. Thanks for reading!

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