DIY – Concrete Pavers for your Garden

DIY – Concrete Pavers for your Garden


This is a really fun idea. Making custom stepping stones or pavers for your garden or path would be really special with the kids hand and footprints in them.

This post is a pictorial and kind of short on directions. Let me make these suggestions to add to the pictorial. Make the pavers one foot square. You can make the frame any size to fit your needs.

When you mix the concrete add an acrylic conditioner to make them stronger. Ask about conditioner when you buy the concrete. The concrete needs to set up for a time before you put the hand prints in. Be patient and test the texture of the concrete with your finger.

Buy a cheap edging tool to round the edges of your steppers. This will give your pavers a more professional look.

The pictorial says to soak the pavers after they set up. Concrete needs to cure. It is better if it does not dry too fast. If you do this project in hot dry weather cover up the concrete and keep it moist, not wet for a few days for proper curing. This project takes a little time. You aren’t going to have pavers to walk on the same day you buy the concrete.

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