Amazing Ways to Find the Best Eateries While Traveling

Amazing Ways to Find the Best Eateries While Traveling

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Julie Ann Johnson

Food and eating it has to be one of the best things about traveling the world. You get to try new things wherever you go, from healthy bowls of noodles to greasy fried breakfasts. Whatever you like, you’ll find something new to love, even if your food doesn’t always love you back. For some people, tracking down the best places to eat is an essential part of their travels. But how can you find the best eats when you’re somewhere unfamiliar? Many recommendations lead you to places full to the brim with tourists, which isn’t what you want for an authentic experience. Next time you’re looking for something new to try, use the following tips to find somewhere genuine.

Don’t Be Too Trusting of Guidebooks

Are you one of those people who walks around a new city with a guidebook in their hands? Put the book down and use your instincts for a change. The restaurants, cafes and bars recommended in your guide might be fantastic. But many of your fellow visitors have the same book that you do, and they’re heading to the same places. You don’t want somewhere that caters specifically to tourists when you could be eating among local people for a lot less money. Don’t be conned by expensive tourist traps; instead, use other methods to find places to eat.

Read Online Reviews

Avoiding guidebooks doesn’t mean you need to ignore everyone’s advice. If you look at reviews for eateries online, you’ll get a much better range of opinions. However, it could be best to use local sites, rather than travel websites like TripAdvisor. Doing so means that you’ll see reviews from local people, and the places could be less likely to be trying to draw in the traveler crowd. It can be a little difficult to do this if you don’t speak the language, but star ratings can be useful too. However, don’t completely dismiss TripAdvisor, as it can be helpful.

Use an App

If you want something you can carry in your pocket, use an app that will help you find local places to eat. For example, LocalEats is designed to help you find small, cozy eateries in the local area while you travel. You could track down the best pizza in Sydney, an amazing street food stall in Bangkok, or the most fantastic steak Argentina has to offer with just a few taps on your phone. You can get details such as the rating, location, the category of food and price range, so it’s easy to select one that’s right for you.

Take a Chance

For adventurous travelers, there’s only one thing to do when you’re hungry: pick somewhere at random. Even if an establishment doesn’t look particularly glamorous, you could end up having the best meal of your trip. Of course, you are taking a risk. It could also be the worst meal you eat while you’re traveling, but the same could be said for top-rated restaurants. Get away from the area with all the tourist traps and take a chance on somewhere interesting.

Don’t let your travels be ruined by bad food, and surrounding yourself with other travelers. Get in with the locals and try some authentic cuisine from all over the world.

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