Stunning Ideas To Turn Your Garden Into A Peaceful Paradise

Stunning Ideas To Turn Your Garden Into A Peaceful Paradise

How’s your garden looking? If it could do with a bit of work, then read on. We’ve put together some great ideas that can turn the drabbest of gardens into a relaxing, peaceful retreat.

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Use Fabric On Your Furniture

If your old garden furniture is looking a bit worse for wear, then don’t panic. You don’t necessarily have to go out and replace the lot. Have a look around the house for some old fabric and use it to recover your garden pieces. You can find cushions or foam mattresses for benches for the price of peanuts at a local thrift store. It’s so easy to do – and there is plenty of inspiration for you dotted around the web.

Rocks and Stones

One way of making your garden more attractive is to divide it up. And one of the easiest ways to do that is to use rocks and stones. They are cheap to buy and easy to get hold of. You will need a plan of action before laying them out, so it is wise to sketch out your ideas to scale first. Even small boulders can be effective, so keep your eyes peeled for unusual shapes when you are out walking in the country. Rocks, stones, and pebbles are a vital part of landscaping, so as soon as you start to get going, you will notice an instant improvement.

Plant Some Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding Hearts are one of our favorite plants. The heart-shaped flowers that appear in early spring last for a good few months, and will add some beautiful color to any garden. They are a simple plant to cultivate, too. All you need to do is bed them in some good quality soil and keep them watered. Once they start to emerge, just add some fertilizer, and that’s pretty much it. If you are looking for an instant lift, then it is hard to find better!

Japanese Trees

Japanese trees are very distinctive because of the colors that they produce. It can create a stunning effect in any garden, and once they are planted and established, they will almost take care of themselves. Have a look at these Japanese maple trees for a great example of the incredible colors you can expect. Those dark reds will lift the spirits in no time!

Salvage Everything

Now your garden is almost revamped, keep it in mind whenever you do any renovations. There is nothing in your home that needs to be thrown away, and almost anything can be used to create attractive garden pieces. Old sinks, for example, can be covered with wood to create interesting bird baths. Window frames can be used for some very cool ideas. Try drilling some holes in each corner, fixing some rope and slats across it, and hanging it from a tree. It takes about 10 minute, and you have an excellent hanging table in your garden!

Hopefully, these ideas will have given you some inspiration. Once you get started, it won’t be long before your old garden starts to look much better. And then it’s a simple case of sitting out there and enjoying it!


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