Virtual Tour of the Dan330 Straw Bale Garden

vr tour straw bale garden
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This post is a┬áVR Tour of a straw bale garden. 10 years ago, there was a push toward panorama photography and virtual tours. While it has never died, there is a resurgence in this with the hope of decent and affordable VR headsets like Oculus, etc…

I used to work for Elbow Lake Lodge and I got a quote from a VR photographer for about $10,000 to do the VR’s of the the resort. I said forget that and bought the equipment for under $1000 and taught myself how to make them. It was a very effective sales tool at the time. I read that Facebook will be allowing users to upload VR tours soon, undoubtedly because they own Oculus.

So, with this new hope of these VR tours being good content and not just a sales tool, I pulled my pano-head back out, set it up on my tripod and went to work. For you photography nuts out there, this was taken with a Canon 70D and Tamron 12mm lens. It is about 24 images stitched together.

Anyway, here’s the panorama, and the “little planet.” If you click on either one, you will be brought to a full-screen VR tour of the garden. Just click and drag to look around.

vr tour straw bale garden vr tour straw bale garden


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